“Soupy brought professional teaching techniques and skills development to our team throughout the season. Soupy became a valuable part of our teams development program and earned a huge amount of respect and admiration from the coaches, parents and kids.  As a coach I will continue to incorporate the Soupy Skills into our teams skills development program.”


Coach Bill

Guelph Gryphons Peewee BB, 2019

 "Was very apparent the 6 skates were to improve skills. The drills were very organized and they skated continuous when on the ice. Really liked that the kids were stopped and told or shown how to do the drill properly if they were not doing so. Was pleased to see the work ethic that Soupy expected and maintained with the kids. Not every instructor/coach has that skill!!"

- C. Colqhoun

"My son is in your first four "D" camp sessions and is then switching to the "O" camp as he normally plays froward. He absolutely loves your camp (which is nice to hear since getting him to do a camp is like taking him to the dentist). All week long he is asking when his next ice time is.  I have been to the sessions to watch as well and have to say it is one of the best run camps I have seen. Everyone gets the attention they need without sacrificing the rest of the players."


T. Hummel

I really enjoyed your camp - I loved the fact that all the kids were about the same skill level. I've been to some camps that don't challenge the players and the coaches on ice don't try to correct them or help them. I love that you make the kids do the drills hard and do them right!! I would sign up for your camps again in a heartbeat. Thank you for running such a great camp :)


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